Day 1: God is Patient

Over the last few days, I have begun to realize how extremely patient God, or “the Universe”  has been with me through the years. This is a case where God truly hasn’t given me more than I could handle at any given moment. I was ill as a child, not ill as in I caught a lot of colds, but ill as in diagnosed with an “incurable” disease. While at times this was bad, I was fortunate enough to realize early on that it could have been worse (thanks to a wonderful PT). There were moments where I fell into the roll of victim, but thankfully, those moments were temporary. I prevailed and continued to hold on to my joy. When I was in my early 20’s, my condition reached an ultimate low. I could barely walk and was in chronic pain–pain like a railroad spike was being hammered into my bones. I had reached my bottom. In sheer desperation, I opened myself up to the world of energy and homeopathic medicine. Let me just say that this was a very difficult thing for me. I had come to rely on doctors (MD’s) to treat my symptoms; to give me some temporary relief. But what I realize now is that this disease was deeper than its symptoms. It was a jolt. A wake-up call. I was being hit with a universal 2×4 and it was time for me to look at my life and start making changes. I received my first energy treatment and soon after that my first energy attunement. My physical healing was rapid. Over the years, I have come to understand that my physical well-being is in my hands. Meditation and learning how to take cues from my spirit has been my lifesaver.

I am now at a crossroads. Do I keep my journey and my healing to myself? Or do I begin to open up and share my experiences, my thoughts, my intuitions with others? I have several friends who believe that it is my responsibility to share what I have learned (and am continuing to learn) with others. That maybe my journey could help someone else. If that is the case, then I am in.

It has taken me a while to get the nerve to start this blog. To let people in on my private little journey of wellness and spirituality, but today, I am plunging in. It is a big step for me and while I invite others to join by reading along and commenting when they feel guided to, I will say that this is not a blog where the self-righteous need come. I am human. I am fallible. But I am learning. And I am finding true joy in the process. If I can help even one other person with this, then I will feel it is worth it.

Wishing you joy, peace and light.


17 thoughts on “Day 1: God is Patient”

  1. This was amazing and I also understand were you are coming from. Life sometimes sends you those 2×4’s for a reason and that reason is a wake up call! Is that call to tell you get going with your life, appreciate the things given, love what’s around you and bring that gift to other. So glad I came upon this and will be following you as well. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, you do what GOD wants you to do. That is your calling and you will find the followers that GOD wants you to have!!! Peace..

  2. As a person who lives with chronic pain -I have RA and it is not in remission and has not been for several months, I read what you are saying with great interest. Did you give up all of the medical treatments and start homeopathic? or did you do both?

  3. I’m sure your blog, with its positive and humble approach, will be an encouragement to many! I like your acknowledgement that your physical well-being (and that could be extended to other dimensions of life) is in your own hands. That’s important to say, especially in our day, with constantly shifting health advice. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you! I said it in a previous reply, but I am truly overwhelmed with the support and positive feedback that I am getting from just this first post. It is such incentive to continue sharing my journey. It almost seems silly how scared I was to write this post from such an honest place. You are so right, the possibilities are endless. Physical, emotional, mental…I believe that we all have opportunity to complete health when we open to the possibilities that God offers.

  4. Did I get you with the sentence about the railroad spike? 🙂 I had polyarticular JRA (I was diagnosed at 3 years old). There was a brief period of overlap. I had my first energy treatment in July, my first energy attunement in September, and began weaning off all of my meds (methotrexate, prednisone, and lodine) after that. By the end of October that same year, I was off all of my meds. It will be 12 years this October and it never ceases to amaze me! God is good; really, really good. Like I said, my physical healing was rapid. My emotional healing has taken much longer. I eased the transition with aloe water (which is good for the joints), but the real healing work was with energy.

    1. I knew it had to be something with RA. There is no pain quite like it. And I have to admit that He had healed me of the worst of the pain. After the Remicaid I was on wore off, I suddenly had this grinding pain in the middle of my chest-it went on for 24/7. I slept with it and knew I was hurting, I got up, took pills laid in a hot tub till I could move, then I would go into my office and work, which only takes a phone and a computer thank goodness. But this went on for weeks and I finally told the Lord He was going to have to stop the pain or take me home. I am a wuss, but I couldn’t take it anymore.
      I was on my way into my Bible study, struggling to get out of the car and this woman noticed and came over and asked if she could help and I flippantly said-yes if you have some great pain pills. the woman looked at me then and said you look like you are in horrible pain. I said, I am. I hurt so bad. She said let me pray for you. And she put her arms around me and started praying and heaven came down!! when she finished she took my chin in her hand and said now you believe it! and walked on into the bldg. I reached over for my things and then stood up! Wow, I didn’t hurt. I tried a few steps I still didn’t hurt! Wow!! I knew the pain that had been grinding me down was gone. God had answered. But even though I have been able to go back on the remicaid, I am not painfree yet, not in remission in terms of the inflammation markers that the Dr sees in my blood. It is still trying to attack my lungs-that would be a nasty thing to deal with! But I also have this immune disorder-so I can’t just stop doing stuff.

      1. First off, I don’t believe you are a wuss. That pain is like nothing I have ever felt. I believe so strongly in the power of prayer and in positive thinking/intent. It sounds like you were blessed with a miracle. I’m wishing you many more on your way to permanent healing.

  5. I am so very happy and proud of you for posting this and being open with your healing and the gifts you have to share with others. You are one amazing person and I know this journey is going to be a great one for you!

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