Day 5: Preparing My Space


Over the past week, I have begun to transform my office/work room into what is affectionately referred to as my “zen den”. I have cleared the space, painted the walls, and recently added some chairs. What’s my hope for this space? Well, this is where I see myself “working”. This is where I meditate, this is where I give energy to those who request my assistance, and this is where my heart feels whole every time I step through the doors. Getting to this point has taken me a long time. I am the absolute queen of baby steps! And you know what? That’s ok. God truly doesn’t give us more than we can handle at any given time. I believe this whole-heartedly.

So where am I going with this entry? Hmmmm… I am not totally sure right now. A piece of me wants to follow in my dear friend’s footsteps and offer a free energy session to anyone who sees this and is interested. It’s slightly selfish in that I want to practice and to grow in this area, but not totally so because who of us couldn’t use a little loving energy sent our way?! I know I do! So here it is. Writing this has solidified this idea. I am offering a free energy session to anyone who is interested in having a little (or a lot) of positive energy sent their way. I may get something more to share; I may not. Either way, if you are open to it, please email me at joyfullyrenewed00@gmail.com and don’t forget to include your name, your age, and the city in which you currently live. I will work on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re not sure and you have questions, please check out my new tab titled “Energy Sessions”.

As always, wishing you love and light today and always!


10 thoughts on “Day 5: Preparing My Space”

  1. Reblogged this on Momentum of Joy and commented:
    Here is another wonderful offer from a dear friend for a free distance energy session for anyone who might be interested. I highly recommend that you take her up on her offer because her gifts are amazing, she can help you see things that might be slowing you down, and you have everything to gain with nothing to lose! 🙂

  2. Joyful – To whom should people send the email? Joyful? I got the question but I wasn’t sure if it was for you or me. I figured it was worth asking since most people here know me as MoJo. JoRe just doesn’t have the same flow, so let me know what ya think. 😉

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