Day 6: “Free Session Gumby”

image  I was struggling with beginning to give energy sessions to people who not only do I not know, but that I have absolutely no clue what they look like. I shouldn’t need this in order to give energy, but I am a visual person, and for me it helps. So here was my solution. I went back to my paper doll days and cut out a “free Session Gumby”.  So if you are one of the people who has responded to my offer, know that this is what you look like to me 😉 Happy day!


5 thoughts on “Day 6: “Free Session Gumby”

  1. Free session gumby is my favorite person of the day. Don’t get me wrong. I love pretty everybody (and keep trying with the rest). But free session gumby is a rockstar. I heart you FSG! 😉 LOL!!! Thanks a mill for posting it.

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