Day 6: More Love

“More love, I can hear our hearts cryin’

More love, I know that’s all we need

More love, to flow in between us

To take us and hold us and lift us above

If there’s ever an answer

It’s more love”

-Dixie Chicks, More Love (chorus)

It is rare these days that I even listen to country music, but my daughter requested this album the other day and this song came on. The words haven’t left my mind (or my heart) since. While I was listening to it yet again this morning, I found myself doing something odd. I was sitting at a stoplight and watching a man cross the street while I was waiting, and in that moment, I realized maybe this is how we start. So I said a little blessing for him and imagined him surrounded by love for today. It’s something small but what if we all did that? What if we all took a second to send somebody love? A stranger, a friend, a family member…what if? More love. Can you feel that?


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