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Day 7: Connections

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of spiders…or their webs (though I can honor their beauty from afar). So when a couple of weeks ago I started getting this image of a beautiful web with random strands lighting up, to say that I was slightly confused would be an understatement. Remember that I am truly the queen of baby steps and my spirit is oh so patient with me. I filed that image in my “to be revisited” folder (in my brain; I don’t actually have folders of things that I don’t get, but need to look into) and went about my journey.

The next week, I read a post written by my dear friend and felt that familiar tug again. I followed in the momentum (of joy)  😉 and offered some free energy sessions (if you don’t know what this is, please take a moment to look at my Energy Sessions tab) to those who were up for the taking. To my surprise, I had quite a few people contact me! I was very nervous at first, but with each session, the feelings and knowings became more intense and meaningful. During the sessions, I began to get images of things that were familiar to me, but that reallymeantsomething to the people with whom I was working. The responses so far have me blown away and have certainly given me the momentum to keep moving forward with this.

Now here’s where the web image keeps coming back. I found that several of the people who contacted me were also people who do energy work. Weird? Not at all! It is very clear to me that many of us who are on this path are very in tune with others and eager to help them if we can, but the truth is, (and I can only really speak for myself) it’s really hard to tune into yourself at times and to make the time to take care of “you”.  Hmmmm… But I digress. So each time I heard from another person with strong intuition and nurturing energy, I saw another little strand of that web light up! Truly amazing. The connections and bonds that are forming with others who are on here, meaning WordPress, (and “out there” in general) are beginning to make sense to me. Annnnddd (drumroll)…bring out that file, re-file image of web into “Ooooohhhh, I Get It Now!!!” folder.

So thank you for taking the time to read my entries, for showing up and “liking” or commenting on some of my posts. I look forward to discovering many more connections in the days, weeks, months to come.

Much love and light to you all!



6 thoughts on “Day 7: Connections”

  1. You did energy work for me and the experience fabulous. It is like we are all on this rickety train and you can move from car to car allowing energies to interact. Some get off and some go the distance. It is a delight to be traveling with you at the present moment.

  2. I believe it is quite a compliment that people who do what you do come to you to have you do to them what they do to others! ;-D!

    I like going to barbers and denists who cut hair and fix the teeth of other barbers and dentists–hopefully the barbers are cutting the hair not fixing the teeth and vice versa!


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