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Day 8: Feeding Our Souls

We all are familiar with this picture. The food pyramid. We’ve been taught about it in school and when we were young, chances are that our parents tried really hard to get us to eat a balanced diet to help us grow and stay healthy. The pyramid is a great guide. Have you ever stopped to think why? Or even how the food pyramid came to be? I can’t say that I know who first created it or that I plan to ever research it so that I can have that information (sorry, I’m a slacker). To me, that information is not necessary. What is necessary is what I am about to say concerning food.

A good friend called me the other day asking for some insight on some of her food sensitivities, or “allergies”. Let me preface by saying that I do believe that allergies exist. Sometimes they can be quite severe. BUT, as with all other medical conditions, I believe that they are a physical manifestation of something that is happening on the spiritual level…just as my arthritis was. So if you are reading this, please know that I am not discounting the existence of your allergies or diseases or physical ailments, I am just saying that I think it goes deeper than the physical body and that thankfully, most of the time, it does not have to be permanent. This could be an entire post on its own and probably will be some day, but today it’s not my focus. My friend’s question led us into a long dialog about the vibration of certain foods.

That conversation is what led me to this post.  Let’s talk about the energetic “vibration” of food. What? My food is vibrating?!? No, not enough for you to see at least 😉 That would be freaky. But as with all physical things, there is an energetic vibration. As we become more connected, more spiritual, more in tune (whatever you want to call it), we energetically vibrate at a higher level. Because of this, we may find ourselves craving different foods, drinking more water…generally eating healthier. Why is this? If you look up at that pyramid, you will notice that water, grains, fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of what “they” say you should be eating for a healthy diet. On the top of the pyramid are meats, products that come from animals and then finally sugars and oils. Interesting. Like I said, I don’t know who started the food pyramid but I can certainly see the sense in why it is set up in this way. All the items on the heaviest portion of the pyramid are items that vibrate at a higher level. They are “live foods” or foods that come directly from the earth. Plants and water. They nourish our bodies and give us the energy and nutrients that we need to vibrate at a higher level as well. Does that mean that you no longer should eat meat or enjoy that piece of cake? I believe that is entirely up to you. Personally, I really enjoy fish and chicken and occasionally a good piece of red meat. Do they energetically meet (ha ha) my needs? Maybe not, but I don’t think they are harming me either. I believe that understanding that I can enjoy these foods on the top of the pyramid while truly nourishing my body with the foods at the bottom is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to make a shift in the foods that I choose to eat. Instead of sensing that I am hungry and then walking over to the pantry or refrigerator to mindlessly grab something to eat, I am going to ask myself, “does this food energetically meet my needs?” If yes, great! If no (but I still really want to have it), then maybe I can allow myself a smaller portion of it without attaching any guilt to my choice. I have a feeling that I will not only see my physical body begin to transform but that I will feel more energized and happier because of it.  Anyone with me on this little experiment? I will be interested to hear about your experiences and results 🙂


10 thoughts on “Day 8: Feeding Our Souls”

  1. Love it and about a year ago started to feed my body with whole foods. If food has any correlation to energy and spiritual needs then I should not have seen any changes. I did and lost weight but gained energy. I knew I was eating healthier but never connected your hypothesis, very interesting and I think in my case valid.

    1. As far as weight loss goes, I think this is only part of it. I’m convinced that our thoughts about food (before and after we eat it) have a significant role in why/how we gain or lose as well. There is a huge emotional piece involved…I think. Love that you made this switch in your diet with such positive results!

  2. The people who designed the food pyramid are the same people who produce and market the food. Hmmm. Aaaaaaand did you know that this pyramid says you should have 6 grain servings which equates to 12 slices of bread. Wow. That sounds like an interesting food choice each day. Scary stuff to think that we were brought up with this wackiness. I just don’t know why obesity is such a problem….

    1. Is it weird that I actually was thinking of you when I wrote that I didn’t know who came up with the food pyramid? 🙂 That makes sense though! Maybe it should be shaped more like a trapezoid with fruit, veggies, and grain on the bottom 🙂 would that make you feel better?

      1. I like that much better! And the old food pyramid should have a trademark stamp with a corresponding logo for the big chemical / agricultural companies. 🙂 I believe that the first lady has put a new suggested food consumption plate out there that offers a more balanced approach to eating.

    1. for some reason, this notice went into my spam folder and I didn’t even think to check there to see if any “comments” were misplaced. Thank you for the reblog. I appreciate that 🙂

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