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I Choose Love

“Today I commit to giving and receiving love in its full power and glory.”

       -Day 7 of the Chopra Center’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Although I started late and am still playing catch-up, I have been doing the Chopra Center’s 21 day Meditation challenge. I already meditate on a regular (mostly daily) basis, but love doing these guided mini meditations. Day 6 was so healing for me that I actually was looking forward to doing day 7 today. It couldn’t have been more timely!

Over the weekend, our family joined two other families at the beach. The beach has always been a very healing place for me…the ocean, the waves crashing against the shore. It reminds me of how much bigger this world is than just my day to day.  However, I struggled a bit on this trip. Not with anyone that was there–we all get along so well and the kids really all behaved wonderfully. What I struggled with was maintaining my energy in this group setting. It threw me for a loop this time. I guess I have gotten used to my little circle where the energy is easy to raise and maintain and where the other people involved naturally “vibrate” at a very similar level. But truly, I started to beat myself up over this. Afterall, most of the people with whom I interact when I’m out and about don’t have to be energetically on the same wavelength, so why did it matter so much on this trip to the beach? I think my spirit was using this opportunity to help me. I absolutely love how I feel when I am connected. I love being able to tap in to source and spirit throughout my days. But truthfully, this summer has been spoiling me a bit. I have had the time and the space and the surroundings to be able to do this a lot. This may not always be the case…especially as the kids start a new school year and I go back to work. I believe that my spirit was trying to get me to this question: how do I maintain a comfortable energy level when I am in the company of the general public? The answer came to me during this morning’s meditation (thankfully). I choose love. After doing the basic focus and breathing portion of the meditation, Deepak Chopra led us into a quiet portion where we were to mentally focus on this mantra: I choose love. As I was in this state, I realized that it was as simple as that. Choosing love when out in your day to day world will always surround you in peace and light. Choosing love will not only help me to maintain an energetic level that feels good but will more than likely be a more comfortable place for the people around me. It is much easier for people to raise to their hearts than it is necessarily for them to raise to a more connected spirit level.

Today, when I have to go to the bank and to other places to do my errands, I will be mindful of “choosing love”. It will be interesting to see how the people around me respond to this.

Wishing all of you peace and love today and always.



8 thoughts on “I Choose Love”

    1. It is very clear to me that we are on similar paths, so it doesn’t surprise me that you would appreciate this post 😉 While it was something that I desperately needed, it certainly can’t be a bad thing for anyone!

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