The Many Parts of Me

I am an intuitive energy worker. Deep breath in. Exhale. I am an intuitive energy worker. Deep breath in. Exhale. I am an intuitive energy worker. Deep breath in. Exhale…

The truth is, I am so many other things also. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, crafter, and friend. Those who know me personally could probably think of a few more things that I am, but these are the ones that I identify with most often.

In 1999 I had a terrible relapse with my rheumatoid arthritis. One that left me in a state where I could no longer work, I could barely make it to my classes (I was getting certified as a teacher at the time), I was embarrassed, I was depressed, and I was, at times, generally hopeless. I was on 4 (maybe 5?) different medications, I had gained 20 lbs from said medications, and I was at a loss. Finally, during the summer of 2000, I accepted an oportunity to go see an energy worker at the suggestion of a friend. I didn’t really even know what that was, but I had nothing to lose. That was July. By September, I decided to take matters into my own hands and to begin training in the art of “energy work”. My primary purpose was to learn how to do it so that I could treat myself. I had experienced a good deal of relief since my visit in July and I wanted to be able to give myself energy any time…and for free 😉 I took a class, then another, then another. I found a community and friends that were nurturing and loving and joyful. I was doing a lot of work on myself and offering and receiving energy on a weekly basis within this community of friends. By the end of October, I had weened myself off of all 4 of my prescription medications. I still had my moments of pain, but they were getting less and less, and I told myself that sometimes healing could be painful. After all, I had lived with this disease since I was 3. I was bound to experience some discomfort. By the grace of God, I finished my classes, I did my student teaching, and I eventually found a job and started my teaching career. I continued to do energy work for myself and for some of my closer friends, but I felt like it was something private about me. I didn’t tell many people. I didn’t tell most people. It had changed the trajectory of my path, but I was scared to acknowledge it.

Fear has a crazy way of holding your wings down when you are meant to soar.

Here we are 17 years later, and I am slowly learning to be fear-less. Rather, I have been graced, yet again, with friends in my life that push me out of my comfort zone. I am finally forcing myself to fear a little bit less. I am not hiding the fact that I do energy work (as much), although I’m not screaming it from the mountain tops yet either. I’m getting there. My life is a work in progress. What I do recognize now is that it is probably the biggest piece of who I am. It is the piece that has weaved itself into every other aspect of who I have become in my adult life, and yet…And yet, it is the piece of me that I have denied and kept hidden the longest. I am determined to spread my wings before I hit 50.

I am an intuitive energy worker. Deep breath in. Exhale. 




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