Energy Sessions

Beginning in September 2017, I am happy to offer in person sessions at a new location in Charlotte. For the time being, I will be available on an appointment only basis Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. Please contact me by email or by phone to make your appointment. I am still offering distance sessions for $60/hour with a slightly more flexible schedule. 

60 Minute Session (in person $70 or distance $60):
This consists of between 15-30 minutes of energy work (fill, balance, cleanse, remove blocks and anything else that you might need). The remainder of the hour will be used to go over any important points that may have come up during the energy session and will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to come up with a “next step” plan if needed.

NOTE: the information that I receive during a session can be very informative and healing or very basic. If you are open, then the session can be extremely beneficial. What is important to understand is that I am just a tool/resource on your journey; a channel for universal healing energy and information. I am not a “co-participant” on your path. It is up to you to heal your life and I truly believe that you can. I assist with this by giving energy and guidance, but the extent to which you experience healing is ultimately up to you.


Energy for Children (elementary age or below)-$30:

This session is similar to the above session, in that it consists of energy and a consult afterwards, but it usually only lasts about 30 minutes total. I have treated many children, including my own, on a regular basis. Energy has proven to benefit those who are struggling with headaches, stomach aches, unexplained moodiness, and much more. Again, this can be done in person or distance. Often for younger children, distance actually suits them better. They can sit and relax or watch tv while I am working on them.

*Please be advised that these sessions should NOT replace seeing a medical professional for chronic illnesses or emergencies.

If you have any questions or would like to request a session, please contact me at (those are zeroes not o’s.)

I currently accept payment by check or through PayPal. Payment must go through prior to your session.

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